Putzmeister M710E Screed Pump

Putzmeister M710E Screed Pump
Product Code: M710E
Brand: Putzmeister
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Screed Pump (Putzmeiester) 500 litre and 250 litre


Model M500E M710E
Capacity 500L 250L


Length 3,730mm 3,079mm
Width 1,400mm 1,280mm
Height 1,410mm 2,370mm
Weight 1,200kg 1,160kg

Performance Data

Drive Motor 18.5kW, 400V 50Kz 7.5kW, 400V 50HZ
C ompressor (not included inscope of supply min 4m3/min
(at 7 bar)
min 2.5m3/min (at 7 bar)
Delivery Rate (max) 4-6m3/h 3-4m3/h