Linax K-30N (Engine Type) Floor Grinder

Linax K-30EN (Motor Type) Floor Grinder
Product Code: K-30N
Brand: Linax
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Product Info


  • Accomplish an ideal concrete surface
  • Make proper use of different cutters for surface grinding and removal of coating/painting
  • Attached with dust collector; dust-control and provides comfortable working environment
  • Installed with sand bag set, makes job easier for dust dumping.



Dimensions (L x W x H)1280 × 415 × 897 (mm)
Weight98 kg
Grinding Width300 mm
Max. Output4.8kW (6.5HP)
Continuous Rated Output3.7kW (5.0HP)
FuelUnleaded Gasoline

Dust Collector Specification

Max. Wind Power3m³ / min
Dust Tank Capacity15L
Required circuit100V × 10A220V x 5A
Power Cord20 ×(1.25mm² × 3 core)